Enno Oldigs
Photographer & travel addict


It all began with my first journeys back in 2001/2002 when I travelled to Hawaii, Australia and New Zealand for some kitesurfing adventures. I got thrilled by the beauty of mother nature and started to take pictures to share the memories with my friends & family. And now in 2018 after lots of travelling I still love photography, get even more stoked from our planet and still enjoy to jump on a plane or sailing yacht to cross oceans.

Equipment: I started with a small digital Canon Ixus camera, but moved on quickly to various Canon DSLR’s like 30D, 40D, 7D and now the 5D MKIII. Over the years I collected a nice quiver of lenses & accessories for the Canon bodies plus some extra cameras like GoPros. My latest addition was the DJI Mavic Pro drone which allows me to take photos and videos from the birds view.